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iOS 11 Secret Tips and Tricks

Top 12 iOS 11 Secret Tips and Tricks {Latest}

The newest iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus are here. And with the launch of the new iPhones, Apple has also released the latest Apple’s iOS 11 mobile operating system which is powering those beasts. The company has introduced tons of new features, with customization options to tailor your experience. However, updating to the new version was really an anxiety-inducing journey.Here we introduce some latest ios 11 secret tips and tricks.

Top iOS 11 Secret Tips and Tricks

We’re here to shed some light on the new useful iOS 11 tips and tricks. So, while your device is downloading the latest update, you can read what’s new.

1. New Camera Format to Save memory

To help save the storage, Apple has now introduced HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) and HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) which you can enable by navigating to Settings > Camera > Formats and check for High Efficiency.

For photos, HEIF offers almost double the compression effectiveness of JPEG and is still be shareable. For videos, the footage uses HEVC to reduce the high-resolution 4K video that iPhone shoots in. Both of the formats save you a lot of space without losing the image and video quality as well. Your photos would automatically save as HEIC and videos in the HEVC .mov file. However, you can also revert to the standard image formats if you have the 128 Gb variant.

2. The Apple Pay Cash Card

Last year, Apple came up with the Apple Pay feature and this time, the tech giant has upgraded the tech as Apple Pay Cash Card. With this, you can quickly send money to yourself, your family or friends directly through iMessage.

The features open up automatically in reference with the conversation happening. Also, you can set the money and pay the amount through the Apple Pay app. The app opens up after verifying your Touch ID, or the newest Face ID when you use iPhone X. Now, this feature is not fully available in the iOS 11 but will be soon after 1-2 minor updates.

3. The New Files App

Finally, Apple has listened to its users after years of the request of having a Files app on your iPhone or iPads. So, you can manage all your files in one location to organize, browse and search all your files stored on iCloud Drive, your iPad, Mac, and other third-party cloud services like Google Drive.

The UI resembles Finder on the Mac OS-powered devices and lets you arrange the files in different folders and subfolders. Like any standard file manager, you’ll have the option to create folders, sorting, adding files to them, move, copy, paste, etc. Other useful features like marking up and PDF sharing. The feature came late to iOS but better late than never? Isn’t it!

4. Notifications Streamlined

In iOS 11, the old school notification centre and the lock screen are now fused. Now, you won’t have to swipe down to check your notifications. You can quickly clear and view them by swiping the notification to the left, and if you want to expand one, you can swipe right.

Also, the 3D touch feature enables you to reply directly by touching and holding the notification. You can also access the camera directly by swiping left.

5. Write Questions to Siri

This feature resembles the Google Now functionality and is pretty useful. Now you can now type your questions or commands to Siri. Just navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and enable the Type to Siri. So, when you’re done typing the query, Siri will automatically put up the answers.

The “Control with Ring Switch” would signal Siri to show text instead of speaking responses whenever your ringer is off.

6. Control Your Control Center

The major change that came with iOS 11 that the Control Center is entirely redesigned and has become more customizable. To customize the Control Center, open up the Settings > Control Center > and Navigate to Customize Controls.

Tap on the plus signs in the “More Controls” from where you can add new items that you’d like. Also, you’re now entitled to reorganize the order by holding down the symbol and dragging the feature wherever you like. The 3D touch adjusts controls like sound, brightness, and the Torch.

7. The Low Power Mode

You’ve been wondering that this nothing new and neither is having a low battery in the iPhone but enabling Low power mode, you were required to enable them through the settings.

However, you can now customize your Control Center by adding the icon to it.

8. How to Auto-Answer calls

The list of new features isn’t stopping anytime soon. Apple has also added the auto-answering feature for calls which you can navigate through opening the Accessibility > Call Audio Routing, and choosing “Auto-Answer Calls” to answer all the phone calls automatically after a specific amount of time.

You can set the time to attend the calls as per your preference.

9. Screen Recording for iOS 11

Wait? What! Yes, Apple has also added the screen record feature to all the iOS-powered devices. Now, you won’t have to waste your time in finding a suitable third party app to record screen.

You can also add this feature directly to the Control Center by navigating to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Once the icon is added to the Control Center, you can then start recording by tapping on the icon, and it’ll display red for the active process. The 3D touch on the icon gives you an option to enable audio recording as well. When you’re finished with the recording, you can then view the footage in your gallery.

10. How to Scan Documents

With OS 11, you can now scan your documents. To start with the scanning, just click the plus sign on the bottom of the Notes app and tap “Scan Documents.” The camera will pop up to take a photo of the document and add it to your notes.

You can then edit the color scheme with xerox options like monochrome, color, and grayscale.

11. How to turn on “DND While Driving”

This is a minor but pretty useful addition to the OS. To reduce car accidents due to distraction by phone calls, “Do Not Disturb While Driving” gets enabled in your iPhone once the sensor detects acceleration of the car. It then mutes all text messages, calls, and notifications.

Also, you also have an option to reply automatically using the autoresponders while you’re still behind the wheel. You can also turn it off manually, but it works automatically in most of the cases whenever you’re driving.

12. How to edit and save screenshots

Last but not the least, you are now capable of editing your screenshots. Now, they don’t get save directly to your gallery, but you get an option to save or delete them. If you like to annotate screenshots, the scribbling feature is also present in the editing mode too.

Like the Android smartphones, a thumbnail of the screenshot also appears on the bottom of the screen. Hold it down, and you’ll find all the editing and other options respectively.

So, this was all about the latest ios 11 secret tips and tricks.  and the new features that are packed into it. You can share your favorite one in the comment section below, and if you’re facing any issue, you can also connect with me. I’ll be sure to resolve your problem. Cheers! you also chieck top ios apps for first time users’


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